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[ a little experimental essay on something rather enormous ]


Better begin with what it is not. Let’s say, for the purpose of this paper, trying to cover the human angle from a purely human vantage point – whatever it is for animals and plants, for humans it isn’t. Yes, propagation does occur (sometimes is getting out of hand) but a pure angle of biologism seems utterly ridiculous in the face of what we’re going to say. Besides, what is Life anyway? Who’s to say that only molceular-biological duplication patterns constitute life? Hasn’t it been talked about in the Buddha school, for example, that everything is alive and the mere frictional movement of matter can give birth to new matter?



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***EDIT – a slightly more polished version is part of the SYSTEMICS book.

(made available to read online for free once in a while or generally with a donation based password.)

[ heartfelt ponderings on the psycho-mechanics of human failure and freedom ]




As we vigourously slither towards yet another year’s end – 2007 – we once again wonder: What the hell is it? What is still wrong with this world? Why are we still killing, abusing, torturing, spoiling, if all we really want in life – from life – is just to be HAPPY? Are we again not going to get anywhere near, also not this year, towards perhaps at least marginally altering the glooming crash course of our poor planet? Climate change, poverty, famine, terrorism, environmental mayhem. The terrifying prospect of nuclear wars. Corrupt and cynically anti-liberal governments. Intensified media-spin of pivotal public information. Further intrusion into our ever so sensitive privacy. And, on a more personal level, the soaring deterioration into depression and resignation, intertwined with the weird sensation of being increasingly alienated from people around us – friends, families, partners, colleagues, lovers. Continue reading