THIS IS A book combining the fictional work of more than five years to shed light into our human endeavours of Romantic Love – where it arrives at fascinating psychological insights about our emotional, cultural and spiritual core programming.

Each of the seven pieces seduces into different cinematic worlds of people living and so portrays the full scope of their sadness, mystery, magic and humour from seven entirely different angles:

I. THE MINISTER’S WIFE tells the story of a woman who’s trapped in marriage to a guy she’s never been in love with and the ironical setting of a party where everyone gets pissed on red wine is the backdrop for her finally meeting someone else …

II. JUST ANOTHER LOVE STORY is set in the future and darkness. A sexless clone working as a high-class prostitute (‘artist’) tells us about her bleak, dystopian reality while she’s despairing on the miseries the person she’s in love with is trapped in …

III. THE MODEL discovers through a near-death experience that she’s lacking something very essential in her life and after deciding to have a break in an Icelandic health spa, she meets a strange molecular biologist who becomes almost unbearably close …

IV. DIE BEAUTIFULLY is a male monologue in the form of a stage play. The character, Guy, goes through 3 weird, archetypical Acts of identity progression (cave man, suit, angel), each time grinding deep into our beliefs and understanding of reality …

V. POTATO MASH PSYCHO continues the format of the short story. This time, a handsome man meets a kindhearted woman in a park and although they like each other a lot, due to him having been abused as a child, the man loses the plot and kills her …

VI. SUCCUBUS is a humorous tale of a successful DJ / Producer who one day stumbles upon the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen and with his eyes wide open and his whole being drawn-in he succumbs to her extraordinarily addictive vampire charms …

VII. OUTER SPACE EDEN finally sees Adam and Lilith (the ‘first woman’ before Eve according to suppressed parts of scripture) heading for a space mission as sisterly cosmo-biologists to discover that true, unconditional love could in the end be a possibility …

First Published by draft, Spring 2009




Also still available as a signed & numbered limited First Edition of


£ 30,-
(includes p&p)



also available at:

The Bookartbookshop – 17 Pitfield St, London N1 6HB



it used to be listed at those bookstores.
leaving this as a frame of reference:


Freedom Press Bookshop – Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX

Watkins Esoteric Bookshop – 19 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ

X Marks the Bökship – 210 / Unit 3 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9NQ



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