… an inconspicuous Booklet to break the Spell …

HAVING AS ITS intellectual backbone conclusions from Western Psychology (Neurolinguistic Programming, Script and Game theory) and imbued with the spiritual-philosophical tint of the Dao, this booklet of 12 anti-spells raps along the boundaries of prose and verse to dismantle our state-of-the-art ‘perception managed’ view of the world – aka THE MATRIX.

Leaving behind any conspiratorial whining or presumed multidimensional / alien agendas, this little guide, with its humorous, ethereal and reconciliatory tone-of-voice, cuts down straight to the core of our human predicament, which is not so much that of the tragic ‘evolved monkey’ – but rather that of an innocent, benevolent child, trapped in a strange and unsettling molecular-biological ‘reality’ of alleged History.

… hard to Believe but as Underground as it can get …


First Published by draft, Christmas 2009


NEW Christmas 2021
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Hand-published, limited and signed First Edition of


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£ 50,-
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Some sample pages:

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