(invited pitch for atlantic records to promote the new album by LUPE FIASCO as a graphic novel / game ‘sitelette’).


From amongst all the characters, features and scenes within the world of THE COOL, there is one detail, one element of the story, which I felt has an extraordinarily powerful potential, conceptually and emotionally. I thought it could serve as the red thread, ‘the key’ if you will, on which we can build the whole purpose and incentive of our game:

It is THE LETTER, written by MICHAEL YOUNG HISTORY’s eight-year-old sister.

By arranging three different episodes, on two pages of graphic novel narrative each, we have THE LETTER prominently featured as the pivotal mystery of the underlying story. Both LUPE FIASCO and THE STREETS are continuously trying to get hold of it (although for obviously completely different reasons). Its content, the innocent writings of merely a little girl, wield a power none of the evil forces will ever be able to content with. It is brimming of genuine, unconditional LOVE.

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this is a one page comic concept, set in an advertising agency. the lead character called HARRY thinks he’s a genius and so does his boss but everyone else hates him. in each episode he’d wear a different outfit and show a different aspect of his personality. the everyday ‘adventures’ in the agency are always surreal and hysterical, a tongue-in-cheek pisstake on all the creative egos out there.

this project is looking for people to take it on board of their publications.


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