after having been working on and off for the past 3 years on this, i’ve managed to finish the second series of 52 episodes. the drawing and colouring bit was quite a lot of work (graphic novel, grrr) – but in the end, a seriously beautiful book came into being —> STILL LIFE <— containing both the first and the second series (making it therefore quite a ‘large’ compendium, arching over 10 of my years in total) …

—> from ocober 2010 also running at ELECTROCOMICS

here are a few sample strips of the new series. hope you enjoy =)


reinhard schleining
© 2007 – 2010, all rights reserved


these are the original pieces of work i did when starting off to write and draw again. it is a strip series featuring surreal, psychologically ‘rich’ dialogues in front of an alienating urban backdrop.


they’re running as an online comic on COMIC.AT, on COMICGATE.DE (animated gif version) and since january 2007 in its original strip version also on the extremely cool german comic art portal ELECTROCOMICS.COM. in addition you could also read them on the go and download the complete series to your iPod from CLICKWHEEL.NET (now also via the ITUNES store).

checkout some of the total 52 episodes as animated gifs here:



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