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at present working on two more novels (CARNAGE & HOOKED) as well as a booklet looking into the mechanics of ’emotions’ through poetic story snippets (UNDERWATER TALES).



– AMAZON, summer 2017

most  books are now available through the worldwide amazon portal in print (the real thing). digital formats will come free upon purchase of the print books.


– MORE LOVE, 2016

a collection of short stories and sort of sequel to LOVE ETC.



VIRGINIZER, www & londonVIRGINIZER cover, winter 2013

the first novel!


DRAFT magazine, www & london, summer 2012
finally, the many years long prepration resulted in a sudden hot and sharp triple zero issue of my next generation literary magazine baby, from which everything else will unfold on its own, i feel :)

CITY OF GOLD in STERZ, graz, spring 2012
the gnostic riddle double-spread graphic novel piece chosen to be part of the voluptuous ‘heart-blood’ no. 104 / 105 issue.

finally the long awaited astrological treatise. everything i’ve come to know about psychology and the esoteric in one concise 336 page volume.

AMAZON, www, spring 2011
ebooks of LOVE ETC, THE DESTRUCTINO OF THE MATRIX and SYSTEMICS are available now on amazon for kindle, iphone and other portable readers.

– THREE BOOKS, london, autumn 2010
releasing simultanuously three entirely different books to symbolically complete kind of ten years of my work:

      — STILL LIFE, the completed I & II strip series in a cute cheque-book size compendium.

      — SYSTEMICS, putting together all my non-fiction writing into a polemic booklet of ‘truth’.

      — NANOBOY, a movie script and fiction experiment as a quicker alternative to a novel.

THE DESTRUCTION OF THE MATRIX, london, christmas 2009
a booklet to break the spell. as underground as it can get. hand printed and bound in a ‘primal’ edition of 50.

Cover 69FLUX magazine, uk, july 2009
asked to write a 300 word piece on rank and status for this truly amazing summer issue contemplating a ‘better world’.

LOVE ETC coverLOVE ETC, london, may 2009
the psycho-mechanics of love and attraction, conveyed via fiction. scary for those who don’t know much about psychology. funny for those who do.

SEX, LIFESTYLE, DEATHFLUX magazine, uk, august 2008
the gritty and differently cool english lifestyle / fashion title ran a polemic edit of the SALON KITTY essay.

THE NEW HUMANIST, www, september 2007
the online magazine THENEWHUMANIST.com chose to publish some of my non-fiction in their forthcoming editions, starting with THE ART OF STAGEDIVING in september.

award for ‘best native german contribution’ at this annual writing competition on the subject of cultural integration. my piece was written as a short story/essay hybrid. apart from prize money the award also involved a public reading and the publishing of the winning text within the competition anthology:

SPRACHSPRUENGE / LANGUAGE JUMPS, vienna, december 2004
publishing of the winning entry, U-BAHN SZENE. WIEN / TUBE SCENE. VIENNA, within the competition anthology SPRACHSPRUENGE (vienna, 2004, edition exil).

– WRITING GRANTS, vienna, 2003 – 2005
recipient of several smaller writing grants from the austrian government to support the development of writing projects.

– GRAUSAMEN & LIEBREIZER, www, 1992 – 1997
online publishing of an unedited (‘raw cut’) collection of early short stories in german through GANGAN BOOKS.

other writing references include (1989 – 1994):

– editor and art director of LESEHEFT, an austrian literature magazine
– film critic for FILMFOLDER, a bi-monthly movie magazine in vienna
– art exhibition reviewer for FF, a weekly magazine in bolzano, italy

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