[written for FLUX magazine, issue 69: ‘ideas that could change the world’]

LIKE A SALT-CRYSTAL, or a colony of ants, every framework has its structure. The structure of our human journey has been the societal network of Rank and Status. We spend our lives mainly chasing illusory promises and dreams within this structure, ultimately moulding ourselves into the Persona / Profile / Stereotype which our parental, cultural and sociological programmes compel us to become. These mechanisms are what game theory utilises. A loophole of human consciousness. We’re predictable. We’re not free at all. The Paradigm of Outside-answers, Outside-blame, runs through most of our Human Endeavours. We can ‘do whatever we want’ (capitalist piss-take freedom) as long as we’re not looking Inside, discover ‘something’ (Truth) Inside of ourselves, lest the ultimate punishment of social segregation is awaiting.

That there is an actual human dilemma becomes clear only when we experience the sadness that all we see and all we want from each other are only the social advantages that come from affiliation with Rank and Status. Nobody can truly see each other (and even if we can, we’re not really supposed to). We might as well exist only virtually, through Google, Facebook, Twitter and e-mailed CV’s. We might as well entirely wrap ourselves in stickers of systemic ‘achievements’, rub shoulders (and what not) with anything rich and apparently sexy (Rolex, Nikeswoosh, Bankers, Celebrities). But at no time explore the actual Reality that lies within the Mysteries of our own Selves and other Human Beings. Except sometimes scratching the surface with our favourite pastime game Relationships (i.e. emotional scripts ‘saving us’ from the lurking prospects of loneliness and boredom).

So why can we not truly be free? Is it fear? That our vital systemic environment might deteriorate into anarchy and chaos? That we might in the end face the fact that we’re not as free as we’d like to believe – never will be? That we don’t actually know how to interact with each other except through those game-playing routines we consider ‘normal’ exchanges of thoughts and emotions? Or are we just being kept as sheep and actually ‘innocent’ victims of much higher agendas? Are we perhaps just born into a prison and the perfected illusion of freedom is what we now call the ‘civilised world’?

Psychologically speaking, we can see other Selves only inasmuch as we can see our own Selves properly. Only understanding our inner workings and our true place within the Universal Whole enable us to approach and interact with others authentically and confidently. We’re ultimately chained through our System of Beliefs on the one hand and our Experience of Intimacy on the other and only the Autonomy thereof form the basis of what we like to contemplate as our human capacity of Free Will.

Replacing the current Paradigm of self-prohibition and emotional disenfranchise, a more organic structure, based on individual Core Truths and Insights, might as well bring about a more beautiful human framework in the future. In there, we’ll be able to embrace every other genuine Self from the bottom of our hearts, with all their differences, mysteries, frailties and treasures – and there will surely be a societal place we afford to each other, though rather qualifiedly than quantifiably.

Whilst at no point will we be looking back to the fake-comfort of our conditioned responses to ranks, roles and power games as they’re played-out – and hyped – today.

London, May 2009
© 2009, all rights reserved



thirty words that could change the world
 [also composed for FLUX magazine, same issue 69. many thanks to LEE TAYLOR :] 

communication. introspection. mobility. kindness. 
integrity. interaction. modesty. virtue. 
openmindedness. beauty. interest. insight.
reenfranchising. reconcilement. renegotiation. reconstitution. 
anger-management. time-management. 
transparency. truth. reempowerment.
agenda-loss. belief-reflection. reinvestigation. 
healing. perseverance. forgiveness. solitude. merging.


London, May 2009
© 2009, all rights reserved


this is the first sample of ASTROLOGY writing which i’m putting online hereby. it is an excerpt from the preface of THE LANGUAGE OF GROWTH, a book i’m currently working on. the text has been used as the intellectual backbone for a ‘micro lesson’ i held at city & islington college in london, yesterday morning.

“we astrologers feel that there is a ‘meaningful logic’ behind the movement of the PLANETS in our solar system which deeply affects us as human beings. by somehow ‘relating’ to our endocrine and nervous systems, the planetary CYCLES thereby establish a framework which we have come to refer to as FATE. behind FATE, we feel, lies a certain programme, and the goal of this programme – the game plan, or MEANING of it, if you will – is to reach a genuine state of HAPPINESS – brought upon through a healthy and mature dedication to the individual and collective GROWTH of HUMAN POTENTIAL.

on one hand we are asked to grow INSIDE ourselves [MOON] where we find out who we really are as a person. by digging down deep into the core genetic TRUTH [PLUTO], we carefully learn to accept the fact that we are evolutionarily trapped into a state of ANIMAL NATURE. as soon as we have come to terms with being this lonely, vulnerable creature who desires to merge with other such vulnerable creatures we can eventually become CONTENT as human individuals. we can then emotionally and spiritually open up to other content people without fear of being rejected or otherwise hurt.

but at the same time we all continuously grow OUTSIDE as well [SUN]. we expand our reach into the world around us and with an ever increasing lightness and confidence express our true inner SELVES like worry-free, innocent CHILDREN. we want to unleash our dormant potential, so that we can all be STARS in the end, in our own individual drama called LIFE. the SKILLS to achieve this, as western, PSYCHOLOGICAL ASTROLOGY sees it, are represented by the PLANETS in our CHARTS.

and all the way through this spectacular concept of LIVING we humans also experience another somewhat sad and strange concept: TIME PASSING slash AGEING [SATURN]. we feel we are caught up in a REALITY we have to submit to, a PRISON, ruled by JEALOUSY and DECAY, which we cannot seem to escape. we astrologers believe that only through the existence of PAIN are we humans compelled to get ‘our act’ together and eventually PLAY a more confident, active and fun part in our own individual SLICE OF REALITY.”

reinhard schleining
london, 17th april 2007

© 2007, all rights reserved

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