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[ a little experimental essay on something rather enormous ]


Better begin with what it is not. Let’s say, for the purpose of this paper, trying to cover the human angle from a purely human vantage point – whatever it is for animals and plants, for humans it isn’t. Yes, propagation does occur (sometimes is getting out of hand) but a pure angle of biologism seems utterly ridiculous in the face of what we’re going to say. Besides, what is Life anyway? Who’s to say that only molceular-biological duplication patterns constitute life? Hasn’t it been talked about in the Buddha school, for example, that everything is alive and the mere frictional movement of matter can give birth to new matter?

So where does Sex start? By a soft touch with the subtle undertone of desire? Through a casual caress conveying detached affection? A warm sideway glance sparking-off lewd baselines? The verbal ‘Schlagabtausch’ between two people who secretly fancy each other? The eerie sensation that sitting on Grandpa’s lap or being tickled by Daddy feels ‘real nice’?

And where would it end? With the grand spiritual wedding? Multi-orgasmic shockwaves into higher 5D astral-body frequencies? Dual cultivation of both Demon- and Buddhahood as practiced in Tantric Buddhism?

And between all this? There lies all the rest, obviously. Like? The well-maintained day-to-day reality between an affectionate husband and wife? Healing of bodily dysfunctions through reflexology of the sex organs? The wealth of self-esteem and inner fulfillment awaiting a woman from great love-life and a man from being able to give ‘it’ to her? The elicitation of erotic dreams through the wearing of seductive clothing? The hypocritical but hot-headed denial of secret rape fantasies? Isn’t, as great psychologist Eric Berne has put it, the event of actual pleasure while being subjected to rape the “most dreaded possibiliy”? How complex (and secret at that) are female orgasmic functions?

So what about getting lost, then, into the black hole of insatiable female desire which, if you go along as a maybe or maybe not lucky ‘eaten alive’ man, turns out to be ever more and more absorbing? And consequently, what about ‘getting lost’ entirely, by abandoning any sense of reason, into the abyss of forlornness, wantonness, neediness – or helplessness even?

All of this encompasses Sex, I feel. Which then only leaves out the playing of games through either the promise or the withdrawal of sexual ‘favours’. How could the calculating abuse of one’s own and other’s private parts have anything to do with Sex? Unfortunately, though, as psychology is very aware, that’s exactly what most people are settling for. Very strange, isn’t it?

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