some people think that they’re right because what they believe in is quite dramatically ancient. yet what about those truths even older?

nuwa & fuxi

do i see compass & square with depictions of black sun and white sun amidst cosmic constellations? male & female / yin & yang (even buddha & dao!) traversing the universe peacefully while leaving behind a star-studded trail of double-helix?


really happy to have released my ‘little booklet to break the spell’ for lulu, exactly 12 years after it had seen the light of day on christmas 2009.

may scrub ebook editions, so make sure you get a real copy – ‘owning something’ as opposed to supposedly great reset ‘own nothing be happy’ sentiments …

***UPDATE – i have now scrubbed all ebook editions. spring 2024. they’re pathetic, lol.


another ‘open letter’, this time a job application i composed in response to an ad by austrian ‘wochenblick’, a weekly newspaper (and a new tv station called ‘auf1’ since last month). they’re one of the very few ‘independent’ news outlets (especapially among german speaking ones) and i felt thrilled when i wrote this thoughtful and sensitive piece to perhaps become part of changing the totally rotten and corrupt media landscape in germany, austria and switzerland.

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***UPDATE – this essay is now part of the SYSTEMICS II book.

[ contemplations and explanations on ultimate reality ]

this is something that came up lately, in our ‘controversial’ upload of one of eric dubai’s interviews on facebook. someone asked in the end how come the earth could be flat if everything else in our micro- and macro-cosmoses gives us the impression that it’s round and circling around a central nucleus … ?

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so this is where our promotional activities culminate it seems, at least for now. everything left to say on this project is there on this little inconspicuous piece of work. i’m well pleased with this, not only design-wise where i’m for instance getting the cute apple dingbats skull out of the dustbin. it works even in tinyiest sizes and the layers of meaning revealing themselves are extraordinary, the more you look at it and really think about it.

about the latter, the shades of meaning, i’ve come across a red-white-and-black packaged dvd of ‘blow up’ the other day, where a brilliant commentary reveals so many more layers that would definitely remain hidden from the casual viewer.

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it’s november and since we’ve done our july session of the same idea, more questions came up. again, we’re distributing them around london on those advertising ash trays outside of many places and this time interspersing them with some printouts of goddesses & demonesses and tailored draft ads.
like last time, those questions should inspire rational thinking while being understood according to each person’s level of courage and spirtiual ‘achievement’.

hope they help a little in probably quite tumultuous times ahead …

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this is the first sample of ASTROLOGY writing which i’m putting herewith online. it is an excerpt from the preface of THE LANGUAGE OF GROWTH, a book i’m currently working on. the text has been used as the intellectual backbone for a ‘micro lesson’ i held at city & islington college in london, yesterday morning.

“we astrologers feel that there is a ‘meaningful logic’ behind the movement of the PLANETS in our solar system which deeply affects us as human beings. by somehow ‘relating’ to our endocrine and nervous systems, the planetary CYCLES thereby establish a framework which we have come to refer to as FATE. behind FATE, we feel, lies a certain programme, and the goal of this programme – the game plan, or MEANING of it, if you will – is to reach a genuine state of HAPPINESS – brought upon through a healthy and mature dedication to the individual and collective GROWTH of HUMAN POTENTIAL.

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this is the demo tape from 1999 which is still the one i’m showing to people. it contains all the stuff i’ve done while studying at the academy and simultaneously working as a designer and animator, mainly for DMC.




this is my WAX video, my masters degree piece. it came into the finals at the NEW YORK DIGITAL SALON competition 1999.



ISSEY MIYAKE shop visual for the conduit street flag ship store, london, 2003.



a 5 second animation of a dishwashing tablet. this piece ran as the product demonstration sequence of a uk nationwide tv commercial for GLIST, 2004.