just a quick note – i’m getting too much traffic lately, so that my provider keeps reprimanding me. yeah, funny situation. but anyway, puts reality straight. the worthless is pushed and hustled and shared millionfold while the pearls are meant to be low key and laid low. it seems a universal law and makes totally sense to me.

as a result, i’m password protecting most of the fiction work (my main art) and some of the non-fiction. i think you’re better off having the hard copy in your hand, anyway, also considering the very likely blackout of the internet the moment ‘truth’ hits the critical cue on the game theory perception management algos.

meanwhile, obviously nothing once published online will ever forever disappear. it just takes additional effort and skills to again retrieve it when hidden or deleted …

for those who’d like the (symbolic) password to view all content here, i’m happy to send it via signal, telegram or email after donating any desired amount and leaving respective contact details (email or signal or telegram).

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