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Building on the essay work from SYSTEMICS, the present volume elaborates even more profusely on what we perceive as Reality. The Great Deception has done such a magnificent job smearing mankind’s truth and history that it would seem only a handful of people in the world have been able to retain a clear picture. The book then necessarily casts rather harsh spotlights onto deep-rooted falsehoods and misconceptions. This penetration into soft-spots and zealously guarded secrets is so devastating to the intellectual edifice out there, that the old saying “no stone of the temple is left standing” acquires a baffling slap-in-your-face wake-up new meaning.

16 pieces in total cover topics from sex, beliefs, publishing, art, culture, literature, girls, history, religion, pornography, philosophy, psychology, libraries, cultivation, astrology, secret societies, the esoteric – you name it. Obviously, politics is of no concern here but the deep-reader can witness the continuous backdrop resembling a panoramic canvas of wordly struggle dissolving into perhaps eternal oblivion page after page.

One word of caution for the literary connoisseurs: there’s still hesitancy from my side regarding non-fiction as a feasible approach to explain reality (or ponder ultimate reality even). Despite my best effort to instill plenty of poetic license and cooling tongue-in-cheek vibes, I still think essays are per-se pretentious and the only way to digest them is with a grain of salt. Feel free to create your own fiction out of what you’re reading and chances are, you’ll hit the nail of reality more precisely than what I was trying to convey.

This is how it should be. Enjoy.

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