[ a fictional dialogue, written for draft magazine – issue 000 “unspeakable” ]


Reinhard: Hey, Rimantas, how’re you doing?

Rimantas: Cool, cool. Very busy. But all good. And you?

Reinhard: Not bad, either. Cultivating diligently. Lots of changes inside. Outside, it all seems to have come to a standstill. While Clown Chaos enshrouds the so-called ‘World:.

Rimantas: Haha, yeah, really seems like that.

Reinhard: Haha, you know I’ve understood something important recently. We’ve talked a lot about the cosmic changes. And that people are so lost, it’s almost ridiculous if it wasn’t so sad.

Rimantas: Yes, I know. They all think what they do is really important. And they don’t want to see anything deeper than that. It scares them.

Reinhard: Exactly. It scares them. And the scared bit is part of the programme they’re running. From what I can understand now, the whole group mentality, the sheepish behaviour, is probably the root of the problem.

Rimantas: Really? What do you mean?

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