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[ a fictional dialogue, written for draft magazine – issue 000 “unspeakable” ]


Reinhard: Hey, Rimantas, how’re you doing?

Rimantas: Cool, cool. Very busy. But all good. And you?

Reinhard: Not bad, either. Cultivating diligently. Lots of changes inside. Outside, it all seems to have come to a standstill. While Clown Chaos enshrouds the so-called ‘World’.

Rimantas: Haha, yeah, really seems like that.

Reinhard: Haha, you know I’ve understood something important recently. We’ve talked a lot about the cosmic changes. And that people are so lost, it’s almost ridiculous if it wasn’t so sad.

Rimantas: Yes, I know. They all think what they do is really important. And they don’t want to see anything deeper than that. It scares them.

Reinhard: Exactly. It scares them. And the scared bit is part of the programme they’re running. From what I can understand now, the whole group mentality, the sheepish behaviour, is probably the root of the problem.

Rimantas: Really? What do you mean?

Reinhard: Well, the Powers have in fact used this particular human weakness – to always feel ‘strong and safe’ in a crowd – to set them up for destruction.

Rimantas: Haha, you’re joking.

Reinhard: No, I’m totally serious. While the universe has come to the last stage of its cycle formation / stasis / degeneration, while it has in fact reached its worst state ever, about to be destroyed and reconstructed …

Rimantas: Go on …

Reinhard: … they, the old Powers, have glossed things up to the extreme. Not even by imposing but by using people’s own debts. Everyone is dazzled out of their wits by massive Lies – of career opportunities, geeky technology, sexual freedom, commodity and leisure … on the surface there’s seemingly growth everywhere, so that everyone thinks that they’re actually making progress when in fact they’re being herded into the Abyss. Since everyone has contributed to this, no-one is innocent for the predicament they’ve all brought about to mankind. They’re now so saddled with karmic debts that they can never hope to possibly pay them back. At least not ‘humanly’ …

Rimantas: Fuck. You’re probably right. Nobody can see the real picture. It’s nearly impossible to see it since everyone follows the same downwards stream. Side by side.

Reinhard: Yeah. Without a righteous law as your guide, all you can do is compare yourself to the persons next to you. And then they used another weakness of our tragic pettiness, to size oneself up if you’re a little bit better than the person next to you. This as well, really is an extremely ugly character flaw …

Rimantas: But to use it like that … I don’t know. Deception is horrible, I think. With such a knowledge gap, it’s like child abuse.

Reinhard: Of course it is. But on the other hand, what would the cosmos be like without a concept of Temptation? Would it still offer the same liveliness and diversity and dynamic?

Rimantas: True. I love my temptations.

Reinhard: Me too, I definitely couldn’t cultivate without them. But anyway. That’s the state of affairs. Shitloads of sheep are going down the drain and they think they’re actually doing well. Some of them even think they’re going to heaven. It’s really true when Dafa says, “how hard it is to save a person – yet how easy to destroy them”.

Rimantas: Shit. Yeah. Even though I understand what you’re saying and I can see the truth of it from the bottom of my heart, I still can’t let go of my pettiness and humanness. Even though I’ve never been a sheep, always been tuned into the reality of ‘being alone’, I still can’t let go of practical realities. Although I completely know that they’re an illusion.

Reinhard: Yep. That’s how hard it is. And you’re even one of the very few people I know who’re not too scared to look in to this. Face it all. So – yeah, don’t know what to say. It’s all mysterious. Predestination. Opportunities granted by Heaven. The unstable factor of the Human Heart. Lost in the Sea of Suffering. Soaked in Sentimentality …

Rimantas: And Lust, hahaha …

Reinhard: Well, yeah, lust. Funny, where does it come from? There are so many things. But we already talked a lot. It’s not that you’re oblivious. In fact, since you’ve always been striving to be true, in the cultivation community you’re not considered to be an ‘ordinary person’. But we’ve also talked about that.

Rimantas: Yeah, you told me.

Reinhard: Anyway. Better get back to work. Only wanted to update you on this recent revelation. Things are not at all like they seem to be. Even on the surface. Have to try even harder to help people wake up. Fuck. So difficult. The Powers have done such a great job to conceal everything by using any possible weakness of humanity. Only those who haven’t given up their connection to the Divine or an Upright Law can stand a chance, it seems.

Rimantas: Maybe there are more people hidden among the masses of sheep than we think.

Reinhard: True, you’re right. I’ve always got this idea in the back of my head. The challenge lies rather in reaching them than to change people’s thinking on a large scale. In the end, it’s all been set up like this on purpose. And when all is said and done, everyone can blame only themselves. Who else could you possibly blame for you, your self, not Seeing and Hearing?

Rimantas: True …

Reinhard: Well, i gotta go. See you later, Rimantas. Good to catch up.

Rimantas: See you later, Reinhard. And thanks.

[ Summer 2012 ]


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