***UPDATE – this essay is now part of the SYSTEMICS II book.

[ contemplations and explanations on ultimate reality ]

this is something that came up lately, in our ‘controversial’ upload of one of eric dubai’s interviews on facebook. someone asked in the end how come the earth could be flat if everything else in our micro- and macro-cosmoses gives us the impression that it’s round and circling around a central nucleus … ?

my answer was that from what i can see – if you take the firmament as the boundary of the earth (as the ancients did, apparently, they envisaged and conceptualised earth as this entity wobbling around its precessional axis at a rate of about 28,000 years), and if you were able to escape this, our present dimension and look at it from the ‘outside’, you’d see earth as a sphere, wouldn’t you, like we do with all the other planets. and so the other planets, likewise, have dimensional worlds inside them which we aren’t able to see with our flesh eyes (eyes that freeze-frame molecules, our familiar dimensional particles, to render for us the hologram that we perceive as our physical reality). these worlds might then be connected with even smaller and bigger and further away worlds and universes and that’s why some traditions have spoken of the planets being ‘stargates’ while others called them ‘gods’ worlds’.

so here is where the system of the caballah links up with the system of astrology since times immemorial.

some in the christian community and truth research community say that the caballah is the black magical tool of the sorcerers running the present political / religious show here. i do believe that they have a point and may well be right about it. the claims about the ‘cabal’ using this tool to have manufactured modern warped sciences and cosmologies do make a lot of sense. and so does the revelation of the 11th hidden node that lies centrally underneath the top node and that is accessed, under great dangers, by the sorcerers’ apprentices, as a short-cut to the very ‘top’.

and then there’s obviously always the snake that you see winding through this ‘tree of knowledge’ that is said to represent the caballah. supposedly showing you ‘the way’. wtf.

now, some say it’s a jewish thing, but i’d say it’s much much older than that and comes from way before the flood. like the i ching in china, or the swastika symbol from buddhism or the taichi / yinyang symbol from daoism – or the hexagram, for that matter, which also isn’t jewish at all.

the thing with religion and politics or any institutionalized form and grouping, is that inevitably the frailty of human hearts are behind them and over time, even though they might’ve started with good intentions, lust for power and foreign entities feigning to provide these powers, will have corrupted and distorted even the good things that were originally there.

so i feel this fascinating diagram needs to be looked at in a completely new and fresh way.

i came to find myself using it while working with the ‘cybernetic’ model of planetary energies taught by german astrologer michael roscher. it somehow increasingly made sense to combine this model of plus and minus balancing forces with the other model of a german astrologer, hermann mayer, who connected psychologist alfred adler’s model of repressed and compensating personality traits with traditional astrological planetary traits.

over time, an elaborate systemic working model became apparent that would balance the entire three realms (heaven, earth and the underworld) – with all its intrinsic tensions and multifaceted frictional forces – to become a solid and stable environment that allows no going astray anymore, but only steady and straight upwards growth within. not only would it shift the paradigm of astrology of there being apparently ‘good’ and ‘bad’ planets, or ‘good’ and ‘bad’ charts, it would also harmonize all the divine principles of the three realms, all the 12 signs and planetary expressions that there are. and it would also harmonize all of this with the higher laws, the laws outside of the three realms that have been passed down to us through the kernels of all the major religions.

all that was needed was this:

– correct MARS to be upright, not bent.
– integrate CHIRON as an equal force into the system.
– integrate LILITH as an equal force and have it rule non-animal goddess LIBRA.

of course, who am i to change the ‘sacred’ tree-of-knowledge caballah and then have the confidence to change one of the highest spiritual paradigms that is being worked with on the ‘small worldly paths’ – namely astrology itself. kowledge of the ‘royal science’ comprises most of the hidden teachings out there that aren’t high-level buddha or dao cultivations. so i’m not expecting anyone to ‘buy into’ this model just by the virtue of it making complete sense. even though magnificently so.

and that’s also as far as i can see how heaven arranged it to be. who’d give honour to the down-to-earth, soft-spoken peer when the preposterous and relentless claimers and streamers will provide you with all the ‘spiritual food’ that you could possibly need, lmao.

who’s the party-mother feeding you with conjured-up ‘reality’ each and every day?

who’re the gaslighting agentur ‘parent role players’ – payrolled and brainwashed to headslap, deceive and persecute you?

and who – after all’s said and done – are your real friends and neighbours?



  1. – correct MARS to be upright, not bent.
    – integrate CHIRON as an equal force into the system.
    – integrate LILITH as an equal force and have it ‘rule’ non-animal goddess LIBRA. Can u traslate this in cabalistic terms , something like gevurah Need to balance chesed so It gives ORDER to the emanation of Binah ?

    • hi luca, thanks for your comment. any discourse always very welcome …

      as i’m not an expert in caballah, i can not adequately translate this for you. what you’re suggesting seems interesting … had the emanation of binah been ‘disorderly’ so far?

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