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[ the seemingly immutable laws of genocide and the dangers of taking sides ]

What does it mean to be a ‘holocaust denier’? Let me answer this unusual question that someone put forward on facebook the other day in the level-headed, soft-spoken way that I imagine a Rabbi would:

I’ll open my answer move in the unfailing Socrates way. What do you mean by ‘holocaust’? What do you mean by ‘denier’?

Holocaust means ‘burning a sacrificial animal alive’, according to traditional scripture, so if this term is used in connection with the deportation of people into forced-labour camps and the subsequent execution of these victims – well then I can’t see what ‘holocaust’ has anything to do with the topic. The term with its biblical overtone would make way more sense applied to the things to come for ‘herded’ mankind. Things that the bible describes as ‘consumed by eternal fire at the end of days’. They walk in there alive and willingly.

As far as I’m concerned, the term used in public at the time of the catastrophy – hoarding-off ‘unwanted citizens’ (intellectuals, pagans, astrologers, jews, gypsies, upright thinkers, system critics, etc) in Hitler’s fascist brownshirted regime into Soviet-style ‘gulags’ was the (also biblical) term ‘pogrom’. Pogrom means genocide, doesn’t it?

Now genocide, as the scholar knows, is the necessary ancient method of attaining power for the future to come according to thousands of years old lawbooks for power. No emotions come into play here. It’s simply a law that was followed through in history each and every time. If you want to change the rules, change the game, and bring your subjects over to your side, you have to kill everyone connected to the truth of passed-down tradition, everyone who knows what you’re really up to. Everyone who could possibly get in your way.

There have been book burnings of the works of traditional scholars and the death penalty on the ownership of any related materials thousands of years ago in China. The cruel genocide law goes so far as to not only kill all dissidents but all of their family, too, and everyone who’s ever listened to or sympathized with those ‘dangerous’ views. Stalin was pretty harsh killing all of his former friends as soon as he came to power. Mao was probably the most depraved power-player of all – killing 100 million of his own people during peace times only to come to power. And afterwards changed official history and killed the remaining rest of cultural heritage in order to thoroughly stay there. In this light, the Hitler geezer was probably puny in comparison. The story goes round that during Soviet regime former intelligentsia was carted-off into gulags, then fed to the pigs and the pigs were then brought back to the ‘believing followers’ who unknowinlgy feasted on them. Christian priests were cooked alive and their colleagues forced to eat the soup (Juri Lina recalls this). Who was behind the Bolshevik revolution and then the German Democratic Republic and the USSR governments – lurking as shadows? You do your homework. It’s certainly not safe to speak about this in the world that we now live.

Yet despite all of this, and regardless of Fema deportation camps built all over America, and despite secret underground cities and government compounds dug everywhere in the world – has any regime in history ever resorted to anything as evil as live organ harvesting? Roman brutally slaughtered both Christians and Jews, and obviously any other political ‘dissidents’ – which at the end of the day were all sympathizers and families of the replaced rulers as well, no questions asked. The follow-up empire of roman-catholics certainly let their imaginations run wild in their witch-hunts and torture-chambers. But none of their depraved fantasies ever took such dark turns as to cut-out organs of healthy Falun Gong practitioners while they’re still alive and plant them into pious party members next door – whose crooked belief was surely the main reason to make their bodies sick in the first place.

Thought you’ve seen the face of the ‘devil’?


Now as to ‘denial’. Some bank guy once told me, “all the people who max out their credit cards simply live in denial”. So for me, the word denial actually can be equalled to ignorance. And ignorance, what is ignorance? Maybe the opposite meaning of the word sheds light. The more or less opposite meaning of the word, I think, is ‘truth seeker’, or in other words the pursuer of knowledge that would allow them to transcend their being to a better and more enobled plane in the universe.

Which finally brings us to the topic of slapping labels and what dictatorships really and truly want. The godless live a life of denial. Without denial their life is null and void. They want to call the shots over so-called subjects, rather than people themselves – mortal men on land, under the celestial dome, in the greater universe – deciding what’s good and bad for their moral, spiritual and social wellbeing. That’s why the first thing to make sure is to insert themselves into our belief systems and repackage / re-brand our understanding of ‘nature’ and matters divine. Slap on a label. Not a great reset but the great insertion.

Everyone who holds true knowledge about history, nature and the cosmos must be eliminated, first thing in the morning right after usurping power. Complete genocide of all truth and knowledge in order to shape their envisaged fraudulent warped future. And that’s the main reason, from what I can see, why the jews have been repeatedly persecuted by political bastards, as were likewise all the other people who didn’t bend-over for any incoming wannabe master – intelligent and sincere people like wiccas, shamans, elders, philosophers, artists and teachers.

True, some of them were engaged in weird black-magic stuff and therefore expelled from god-fearing countries. This was certainly one factor. But then again, it could’ve been also a factor of exterminating all ‘competition’. The Hitler regime apparently outlawed even esoteric coffee-parties by eldelry ladies while they themselves were indulging in mysticism and the esoteric like perhaps no other governement ever before (not even Babylonians or Egyptians?).

Plutarch relates the story how Alexander the Great was to exterminate all ‘foreign’ philosophers after conquering India. His compassion could only stretch so far that he’d allow them to plead for their life using their skills in philosophy. Himself having being reared by great Aristotle, this certainly was no easy task for them. Also, back then, philosophy was a very serious profession, apparently. They had a large (international?) guild and if it ever came to light that one of the members would not tell the truth out of fear for his life, they simply expelled him. That’s not good enough mate, sorry. Maybe become a plumber instead? So it wasn’t at all like in today’s world where only ass-kissing (devil or governor, lol) turned you into a philosopher in the first place.

Is it possible to obtain power over people who do not fear death or torture? I do sympathize with the jews and deeply respect them for the main reason that they only regard the lord of heaven as their true master. No other worldly master will ever be able to tell them what they should ultimately be thinking and doing with their lives. (Of course, some settle for Rabbis instead, but that’s different matter. Some even feign conversion under duress and that again is another matter.)

If all men and women would be that way – no worldly masters – politics would disappear like a ludicrous nightmare in the blink of an eye. Like a mirage of invasive leeches that no-one will ever miss nor even remember.


The vast majority of today’s people think that once the communist scepter is defeated, once the red shills are gone, they and their families could live freely again. Happy for ever and ever, amen.

But the truth is, it wouldn’t save people at all. What instead would come to the fore is an all-pervading Struggle for Relevance between each and every person, each and every truth or belief or religion. That’s the actual dire predicament of man. This is their prison and undoing. No external threats are needed, in the end. People simply destroy themselves.

While this Struggle for Relevance goes all the way up to forces divine, in the past people on the ground didn’t have information about what’s going on behind the scenes. They were woven together, for the most part, by their inherited belief system traditions. It was easy for new rulers to stay on top of their new subjects. Just get the priesthood on board or kill them and replace them with agents. Information spread organically. No worldwide digital super-highways existed. No internet. No mass-media. No social clashes of people from literally any imaginable walks of lilfe.

It’s never been the case before that every single person on earth has been given a chance to follow and create their very own narrative of reality – their customized version of the story. Must there not be a dramatically large reason for such a heavenly arrangement?

Sure enough, high-level tempting forces insert the Metaverse to make it as difficutl as possible for people to choose the ‘right path’. Or they even go so far as to persecute The Great Law in order to raise the bar even for genuine truth seekers as high as possible. So while extremely difficult to find the True Law, the law that liberates a person, never before has it even been possible – nor thinkable – for ‘normal’ people on the ground.

If on a multidimensional level – as quantum physics now also confirms – everyone creates their very own reality (or little universe), then where do you go, if what you create for yourself is not in tune with the law that is governing the intricacies of an ever-changing larger universe around you? Not to mention any new unverse / new universal aeon that might possibly be emerging? Some quantum physicists have started to regard waxing and waning universes with the analogy of an hourglass. Makes a lot of sense with position-fluctuating particle space-times, no?

Doesn’t free will only mean that while ensnared by delusion and chaos, only what your heart fundamentally desires really matters in the end? That’s the hell of a lot of freedom, isn’t it? Who’d go where a slapped-on label says? Who’d dare to slap one?

Why are tattoos so strictly forbidden in the Tora?


So then, if we’re truly free to choose what we want to be in a divine cosmic framework, what does it entail to be doing ‘the right thing’ after all?

Well, I’d humbly suggest – all you experts and scholars and people of renown who’ve lost their innocence and humility through climbing the worldy ladder – maybe you should acknowledge, rather sooner than later, that you’ve been outwitted by forces, also human forces, that are simply smarter than you. The only thing is that they remained shrouded in secrecy, not craving the limelight of worldy renown and attention, and thus will not have revealed this to you.

The checkerboard of the chess game is the symbolic ground that the masons walk on. Mastering the middle path between blackness and whiteness is a challenge that the Daoists conceptualize with their famous ‘yin-yang’ symbol.

One chess-expert once explained to me that white, having the advantage of the first move, is always the winner – unless it makes some sort of ‘mistake’ (position in relation to material). That’s why the real pros need to play tournaments, constantly changing their sides to determine who’s ultimately the stronger.

It would be a funny thing, wouldn’t it, if one were to play a game and let black do their opening move first.

I can’t help but wonder what the world would be like in such a case.


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