***UPDATE – a slightly more polished and beautifully typeset version is part of the SYSTEMICS II book.

(made available to read online for free once-in-a-while or generally with a donation based password.)

[ a piece of fictional non-fiction for draft magazine, taking the form of an interview ]


Q: Why are you doing this magazine?

A: Haha, straight in. I think that’s a pretty big question. To keep it simple for the time being, let’s say that I’ve found myself in the exact position to do it. The original idea for a magazine called draft is a couple of years old. When the cosmic climate was ripe to go on and actually do it, the zero issue ‘Unspeakable’ almost created itself on its own. The true roots of its core and content would certainly go deep, though.

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another ‘open letter’, this time a job application i composed in response to an ad by austrian ‘wochenblick’, a weekly newspaper (and a new tv station called ‘auf1’ since last month). they’re one of the very few ‘independent’ news outlets (especapially among german speaking ones) and i felt thrilled when i wrote this thoughtful and sensitive piece to perhaps become part of changing the totally rotten and corrupt media landscape in germany, austria and switzerland.

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