just a quick note – i’m getting too much traffic lately, so that my provider keeps reprimanding me. yeah, funny situation. but anyway, puts reality straight. the worthless is pushed and hustled and shared millionfold while the pearls are meant to be low key and laid low. it seems a universal law and makes totally sense to me.

as a result, i’m password protecting most of the fiction work (my main art) and some of the non-fiction. i think you’re better off having the hard copy in your hand, anyway, also considering the very likely blackout of the internet the moment ‘truth’ hits the critical cue on the game theory perception management algos.

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out now

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i’ve been doing some writing in the form of daily commentaries on all sorts of relevant things that pop up. interesting and powerful project on x | twitter. it does provide quite some valuable insights for anyone ‘reading’ into what immediate, tangible ‘reality’ we’re really facing and how it  presently unfolds.

there are lots of dots connected. areas are vast. angles are deep. why not tune in? link on picture.


on facebook i’ve been doing my WEEKEND FUNNIES project for many months now. all the craziest memes i come across every week i’m sharing there (link on picture).

it’s quite fascinating that humour can express things that can’t be uttered with words anymore. time being what it is now. so many sensitive topics. so outrageous the anger and laughter and general state of the world. it can truly bring about epiphany and i’m not boasting. see for yourself?


‘reader’ sculpture from egypt dated ca. 3600BC

amidst all this censorship nonsense, corporate headslapping and prepotent babysitting, telegram has certainly emerged as the hub where every intelligent and openminded person will come to. “i can breathe”, lol.

draft MAGAZINE is a neat new space. for now, i’ve uploaded all the major promotional activities. as you know, so far, everything happened on-site and directly.

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***UPDATE spring 2024:

while repairing my present website (another server explosion / deep hack) i decided to keep these stickers as a historic reference. i did quite some sticking with these.

there are no ebooks anymore.  while amazon is still an option i am actively encouraging LULU as my vendor as the author options are more reasonable and pretty over there.

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