update: virginizer finally out. will be doing a new run of card ads. this time, front- and backside, showing and telling, in sync with recent draft developments. also found PINK tack. yeah. adding some fun here :)

london, winter 2013

while i’ve been consistently re-inventing not so much the CRAFT but rather the TRADE of both writing and the visual arts, in an attempt to strengthen my footing (and anyone’s alongside and after me) against the inevitable downward swirl of the thoroughly deceived / deceiving mainstream (deception within deception, plans within plans), i’ve come to recently experiment with viral marketing in the public realm. starting off with blue-tacking pretty cards on empty walls or other (how i’d like to call them) ‘fleeting environmental spaces’, the idea was to combine basic temporary visibility with no-damage-causing means whilst also presenting the opportunity to any actively affiliating bypasser to pluck a couple of sparse diamond leaves from otherwise either empty or shat-on random city trees. this proved satisfactory but rather tedious, a bit clumsy and what one would call a waste of precious resources. too many soldiers lost their lives unneccessarily, unseen and often without even being engaged in any battles :)

so i’m really pleased to have added phase II to this undertaking which i felt was important enough (or at least significant enough) to deserve a blog entry. please find the following stickers to download, distribute or simply acknowledge. they’ll otherwise be scattered on lamp posts, street corners and the back of road signs whenever i’ve come around an area near you …