[ an attempt to find consoling words and perhaps offer a real way out ]



This came-up in my life recently full-on and hard-core. It is very hard to talk about it, even though the topic only exists in this world because no one talks about it, especially not the victims who’re threatened with unimaginable penalties including the loss of their lives. I’ve hit upon it a few years ago, when I shared work of Fritz Springmeier (mainly on facebook where I’ve continuously been writing draft magazine). He was one of the earlier brave researchers digging and talking. He ‘saved’ quite a few victims. Another related topic I shared was Cathy o’Brian who was very lucky to be saved from sex slavery within high-level political circles and then openly talked about her experiences and the wisdom attained for many years now. A lot of people in the truth community know about her.

And then the whole Epstein case made its rounds not long ago, and before and after were other ‘scandalous’ discoveries of various ‘sex cults’ and pedophile networks. But usually, nothing really came out of it at the end of the day – apart from some superficial stuff to keep the sheeple entertained and at bay.

Back then, during the Epstein craze, a girl named Kirby Sommers also came out on Twitter. She introduces herself “Author, journalist, historian. Former sex slave”. And yet, another victim, Virginia Giuffre, got way more headlines with the Prince Andrew, Maxwell, Epstein and ‘the Elite’ blablabla. While Kirby had a lot of followers on Twitter and had been writing impeccable books revealing ‘the works’, she was completely ignored by the main stream. I only stumbled upon some of her posts that had been shared by some of the more serious truthers out there. I wasn’t on Twitter back then and the whole sex and mind control topic didn’t really touch me deeper other than remaining an idle observer. That the so-called Elite was corrupt even to the point of being insane cult-followers was already crystal-clear to me.

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