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This came-up in my life recently full-on and hard-core. It is very hard to talk about it, even though the topic only exists in this world because no one talks about it, especially not the victims who’re threatened with unimaginable penalties including the loss of their lives. I’ve hit upon it a few years ago, when I shared work of Fritz Springmeier (mainly on facebook where I’ve continuously been writing draft magazine). He was one of the earlier brave researchers digging and talking. He ‘saved’ quite a few victims. Another related topic I shared was Cathy o’Brian who was very lucky to be saved from sex slavery within high-level political circles and then openly talked about her experiences and the wisdom attained for many years now. A lot of people in the truth community know about her.

And then the whole Epstein case made its rounds not long ago, and before and after were other ‘scandalous’ discoveries of various ‘sex cults’ and pedophile networks. But usually, nothing really came out of it at the end of the day – apart from some superficial stuff to keep the sheeple entertained and at bay.

Back then, during the Epstein craze, a girl named Kirby Sommers also came out on Twitter. She introduces herself “Author, journalist, historian. Former sex slave”. And yet, another victim, Virginia Giuffre, got way more headlines with the Prince Andrew, Maxwell, Epstein and ‘the Elite’ blablabla. While Kirby had a lot of followers on Twitter and had been writing impeccable books revealing ‘the works’, she was completely ignored by the main stream. I only stumbled upon some of her posts that had been shared by some of the more serious truthers out there. I wasn’t on Twitter back then and the whole sex and mind control topic didn’t really touch me deeper other than remaining an idle observer. That the so-called Elite was corrupt even to the point of being insane cult-followers was already crystal-clear to me.

Kirby lost her Twitter account with Elon (!) in November 2022 and was coming back with a new account (@LandlordLinks) in April 2023 (about that time I think). She still can’t share all that she knows on the platform, also being suspicious of Musk and generally making a point of no-one so-called ‘important’ to trust, anyway. But the main work behind a paywall to me seems some of the most astonishing and key contributions to resolve the world mess at hand.

A couple of weeks ago (while resurrecting my dead Twitter for new X under Elon), on a haunch I searched her on Brave and Google and nothing came up until I remembered her precise name. Even then, the search results were meagre. But they were there. I was blown away by her professionalism and the extent of knowledge that she’s sharing. How was it possible that not ‘everyone’ was sharing her work? It connected all the dots. All of them. The official system is compromised to the point that it does indeed seem unsalvagable.

The dots Kirby’s work is connecting are not just show-business, politics, science and the underworld. It is much more than that. It’s very ancient and at the core essentially cultish. I urge anyone to check out her work. Sure, their cozy little world will never be same again. But then again, “The uncriticized life isn’t worth living” – Plato.



While higher forces need to attend to and utterly resolve this root problem of our world’s corruption and communist beast misery – whether mundane or divine or both – for little me the bottom line is “how can girls get out of such nasty modern-day slavery”? How can they be ‘saved’ or ‘rescued’? This isn’t just a matter of helping a sentient being out of the clutches of the most despiccable creatures the universe has ever seen – the bottom of the bottom dregs of humanity, the ones Jesus spoke of when he told the parable of those harming children being better off having a millstone around their neck while drowning compared to what is in store for them. It goes much further than that. Deeper. It is the ancient story of George killing the dragon and saving the maiden. Of re-establishing a proper base without corruption that man can again firmly stand on. Harbour the hope to walk into some sort of human future.

On the individual level, I don’t have any proper answers. Rationality would suggest a victim needs to first of all find a save heaven, a sanctuary that would protect him or her from the nasty ‘handlers’ and the mafia behind them, as well as cleanse the mind and body from any form of intoxication done to them. It seems hard if not impossible to find this with ‘official’ branches of law as the likelihood that they’re part of this is very large – particularly in more cc* related regions (but I have to say, the west I feel is nearly equally infested with evil by now). The likelihood of falling victim is probably just a matter of how high you get in terms of your career path (or how many followers you have). While already being snatched as a child would appear to become the norm in more Eastern areas. Lot and lots of online ‘celebrities’ are drugged and handled for sure. That the vast majority of show-business celebs is drugged and handled, Kirby has the works to prove.

So if ‘official’ help from police and law is out of the question and the time it takes the universe to clean the scum of communist gangsters might still be dragging on for a while (maybe it’s faster but isn’t ‘hope’ wearing people out in the long run?) – what can one do?

In one of Kirby’s posts the other day she was quite gloomy, stating that drugged Beta Kitten MK Ultra programming victims cannot get out of this state alive. I left a comment saying that righteous cultivation can definitely save people. That Fritz Springmeier was able to save victims with only a faith-based approach already (meaning not yet qigong based approaches or higher-level cultivation practice that are even more effective). And I said that high-level cultivators consider the ‘dark arts’ (where for example drugs such as heroin are involved) incredibly puny in comparison with the powers that disciplines like the Buddha and Dao schools are cultivating.

She replied with an additional quote from that same essay where it said that one of Epstein’s friends since childhood (a Beta Kitten programmed victim), gave herself the surname “Fairchild”, meaning Fair Child. What Kirby was suggesting seemed that one of the most devastating aspects was a ‘Hook into Conscience’ at the root of it all. And if that’s the case then I’d say, yes, I agree. It is the nastiest hook of all. But then again, it’s not only the hook for sex slaves – isn’t this already the case with the people of the world at large? That’s basically the outcome of my own life’s research into deeper psychological layers of power and control:

One hook went into people’s belief system (like let’s say ‘evolution’, ‘scientism, or other ‘religious dogma’) and the other hook went into people’s experience of intimacy (hollywood ‘romantic love’, psychological game-play, warped porn-addiction or other kinds of intimate merging klischees). So in this light, the vast majority of people have already been ‘programmed’ according to those very same cultic precepts.

The only additional problem to get out of those nasty hooks that individual victims are facing are hard drugs, deeper layers of intimate conditioning and a depraved brotherhood right behind them.

Can righteous cultivation solve all of these problems? I’d say for sure. If it can allow humans to ascend to heaven, then what are those problems in comparison?

The only other alternatives that I can see are some sort of luck (meet some special people with the ability and the means to rescue them) or finding a sanctuary like a monastery that can take care of the detox and provide worldly protection.



Cultivating the Law Wheel Great Way (Falun Dafa) is a high-level Buddhist cultivation discipline that everybody can learn from their home and practice regardless of the circumstances that they’re in – whether slave, wage slave, beggar, homeless, or doctor, lawyer, general or president.

The most important aspect of cultivation (in my view) is that one’s life path is changed. It is a direct connection to the supernatural. It isn’t some faith or blind belief at all. It’s a direct experience of reality shifting and unimaginably dramatic changes within the body happening. I have experienced things that I can not really talk about, too unbelievable are they for people who haven’t experienced them. Most fellow cultivators have experienced miracles or similar supernatural phenomena happening. The Ming Hui website for instance is full of them.

So one’s life path is altered, the old life path is no more. As I said, this to me is among the most serious factors of cultivation practice. Another incredibly serious factor is the alteration of the matter inside one’s body that is specific to practices that cultivate both nature (one’s character or soul or primordial spirit) and life (one’s microcosmic expanse that is the inside of the human body).

And sharing this knowledge is the only thing left for me to say here. I’m meanwhile aware that many people I’ve come to know online over the past couple of years are being kept hostage. It’s impossible for me to express how truly sorry I am. How much at a loss to not be able to do anything else other than express a few words of consolation and encouragement. It’s the hardship of hardships on my path so far to firsthand experience this. And yet, it’s absolutely nothing compared to actually being a victim oneself.

From what I can see, only the people in China have been subjected to a persecution that is more severe than slavery with hard drugs and mafia handlers. And yet – the vast majority of them are still cultivating regardless. No demonic entity will ever be able to subdue the truly righteous. This is an adamantine immutable law of the cosmos. The demons of course know this law. But the rotten-to-the-core ones still try their best to make a sentient being who’s on their way out fall down again.

And then, there’s also this other issue with high-level cultivation. Hardship is actually a good thing as strange as this sounds to people who just want to get on with their everyday lives. There’s a concrete matter attached to the human body and this matter is called Virtue (or White Matter). The amount of virtue to a great deal defines the level one has already attained in cultivation. When physical qigong exercises are practiced (the Law Wheel qigong refines the body even when the exercises are not continuously practiced because the Law Wheel keeps turning non-stop after a while and doing the exercises only reinforces the internal spinning and rotating mechanisms), this matter of virtue will be transformed into gong. This gong is called ‘cultivation energy’ in the cultivation community. Over time, it replaces the flesh body.

The main element of high-level cultivation is cultivating one’s mind, though (XingXing – mind and heart nature). For this, cultivators of all denominations are persistently reading scriptures. In Christianity, they read the Gospels, for instance. In Buddhism, they read Sutras. Cultivating Falun Dafa, students are reading Zhuan Falun (or “Turning the Law Wheel”). It reveals new things, new insights, while continuously reading it. And while thus one’s XingXing (Mind- and Heart Nature) improves, one’s gong and cultivation level also rises. Until the day when one hopefully will be able to complete one’s cultivation. Transcend the human realm. Unlock the body. Consummate the paradise that one has cultivated after enduring all one’s hardships in this human realm.

This is what I wanted to share. And this is all I can do to help (for now!).

Winter 2023

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