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STILL LIFE cartoons on telegram

really glad to announce that i’m starting to promote my edgy, psychology-backed comic strip series, published 2010 as above pictured lavish-production booklet.

on the telegram page from the link, i’ve put up all 104 strips (2 series of 52 each) as little video snippets. tried to do the same on instagram but after two days in, working around bugs and mind games, the upload was stopped at no. 26 from the second series. rather than deleting the account myself, i thought of using the mind games of this persecution to expose the intent and method instead …

the original edition of this lovely booklet is still available for £ 35,- including postage anywhere in the world (+ £ 10,- for recorded delivery). contact me to inquire and order or buy right away on my

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finally new work again. feels great. as i’ve been saying to my friends that ever since finishing the astrology book, i feel like starting my whole life anew. part of this is redefining my stance to art and illustration. somehow the ultimate test and opportunity came along through an inspiring ‘call for entry’ by STERZ, an austrian literature magazine …

we have my ‘old’ style handing over to my ‘new’ style here in this surreal double-spread clash of filmic imagery. colours are not longer needed, at least for the time being. the ink layer and tracing paper (which always reminded me of condoms for some mad reason) are now gone as well, freeing up more time and thus lessening my karmic burden, i guess. what’s left is a more thorough and sensual treatment of lines into the actual matter of paper.

as to the story, i originally had the idea of contrasting an unredeemably depraved babylon with a ‘golden city of jerusalem’ from scriptures. and then there was the association with a woman being like a city, in a way (again we have babylon there and also frank miller/ willl eisner’s ‘spirit’ which also references such gnostic metaphors). it all went from there. hope you like and feel inspired. there’s plenty to look at and to discover for those who are looking and able to see :)

london, autumn 2011



after having been working on and off for the past 3 years on this, i’ve managed to finish the second series of 52 episodes. the drawing and colouring bit was quite a lot of work (graphic novel, grrr) – but in the end, a seriously beautiful book came into being —> STILL LIFE <— containing both the first and the second series (making it therefore quite a ‘large’ compendium, arching over 10 of my years in total) …

—> from ocober 2010 also running at ELECTROCOMICS

here are a few sample strips of the new series:

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(invited pitch for atlantic records to promote the new album by LUPE FIASCO as a graphic novel / game ‘sitelette’).


From amongst all the characters, features and scenes within the world of THE COOL, there is one detail, one element of the story, which I felt has an extraordinarily powerful potential, conceptually and emotionally. I thought it could serve as the red thread, ‘the key’ if you will, on which we can build the whole purpose and incentive of our game:

It is THE LETTER, written by MICHAEL YOUNG HISTORY’s eight-year-old sister.

By arranging three different episodes, on two pages of graphic novel narrative each, we have THE LETTER prominently featured as the pivotal mystery of the underlying story. Both LUPE FIASCO and THE STREETS are continuously trying to get hold of it (although for obviously completely different reasons). Its content, the innocent writings of merely a little girl, wield a power none of the evil forces will ever be able to content with. It is brimming of genuine, unconditional LOVE.

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EDIT  *** had sent this out to all media entities in austria – television, magazines, newspaper. apart from them ‘disappearing’ or being stolen, not a single person or entity got back to me. tv station ‘atv’ soon after launched a corny and weak concept where the usual footage from parliament was voiced over ‘satirically’ by children’s voices. how pathetic is the media scene in this mickey mouse country lol.



this one is a political strip series i develped during a year i stayed back in vienna (about 2004). it’s kind of a mixture between BERTHOLD BRECHT and SPITTING IMAGE, very dark but also quite funny. all austrian politicians are reduced to small children playing in a theatrical sandbox setup. the citizens are shown as toddlers in nappies. the european politicians are adults the kids want to impress.





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this is a one page comic concept, set in an advertising agency. the lead character called HARRY thinks he’s a genius and so does his boss but everyone else hates him. in each episode he’d wear a different outfit and show a different aspect of his personality. the everyday ‘adventures’ in the agency are always surreal and hysterical, a tongue-in-cheek pisstake on all the creative egos out there.

this project is looking for people to take it on board of their publications.


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