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really glad to announce that i’m starting to promote my edgy, psychology-backed comic strip series, published 2010 as above lavish production booklet.

on the telegram page from the link, i’ve put up all 104 strips (2 series of 52 each) as little video snippets. tried to do the same on instagram ( but after two days in, working around bugs and mind games, the upload was stopped at no 26 from the second series. rather than deleting the account myself, i thought of using the mind games of this persecution to expose the intent and method instead …

a limited edition copy of this booklet is still available for £ 30,- including postage anywhere in the world (+ £ 10,- for recorded delivery). contact to inquire and order …


also for convenience, i’ve listed the booklet on my eBay shop: REINHARD SCHLEINING eBay


this one is a political strip series i develped during the year i stayed back in vienna. it’s kind of a mixture between BERTHOLD BRECHT and SPITTING IMAGE, very dark but also quite funny. all austrian politicians are reduced to small children playing in a theatrical sandbox setup. the citizens are shown as toddlers in nappies. the european politicians are adults the kids want to impress.


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