***UPDATE – a slightly more polished and beautifully type-set version is part of the SYSTEMICS II book.

(made available to read online for free once in a while or generally with a donation based password.)

[ about notions of home, real and imagined, written for a homeless shelter open-mike gig ]



It used to be that the home is where the hearth is. It was, for the most part of human history, the centre of living, the always welcoming source of food, warmth and communication. Entire Greek cities used to be centered around the original fireplace laid down by their respective founders. It had to be kept burning as the flickering symbol of a flourishing society for as long as the city that grew around it existed.

Things progressed, obviously, and after many decades of struggles and petty achievements, as the new centre-of-home has now established itself a mighty piece of flashy machinery. The television. So much for the evolution of mankind.

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