[ on why writers aren’t writers anymore and publishers aren’t publishers ]

I came upon this funny discussion between Amazon and Hachette the other day (chance, fate, arrangement …) and since it really coincides with recent developments on my end, I decided to dedicate a few words on this. As things stand in terms of present-day reality unfoldment (what I exactly mean by that I’ll go to show), I’d consider, seen from both my angles as an Author and Publisher, the following conclusions to be quite valuable.

Starting off, it seems reasonable to first raise the following question:

What’s the real value of Information / Knowledge? Bringing to mind the lost library of Alexandria and the secrecy with which True Knowledge has been primarily passed-down orally (spiritual / esoteric tradition, human body cultivation matters and true human history as an example) – you really couldn’t put any price tag it, could you? Nothing in this world could be more valuable than Real, True Knowledge. Obtaining teachings or insights that would henceforth elevate your being, raise your level of awareness, alter the existential state of who’d otherwise be hopelessly trapped and lost within the mysterious maze of tangible reality – how could anyone possibly pay for that? Scholars obviously know this very well and that’s why they’re probably the only ones who’d still truly cherish their scrolls and scriptures and wouldn’t ever intend to ‘sell’ them.

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