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[a male monologue in 3 Acts]


GUY : a distinctive male character whose appearance and performance change quite significantly for each of the three Acts – although a certain core-personality remains consistent throughout. He represents a Male Archetype, progressing through three different stages of Human Endeavour.


Act 1



Prehistoric times. We look into the interior of a cave. Through the entrance in the background we can see volcanoes, reptilian birds and other out-worldly, strange animals. It is dawn. The sky has an eerie orange-violet tint. GUY is sitting in the centre of the cave, holding a raw stone-chalice in his hand. His feet are resting high on a table-like rock in front of him. He’s filthy, grumpy and hairy, only wearing a shabby fur loincloth.Clearly, he’s one of our early human ancestors.


GUY sips on his drink which we can spot has a deep purply colour and a caustic consistency. It might as well be blood he’s drinking, we are thinking. Between each sip he vacantly stares into the air in front of him. Throughout the whole Act, his parts are mainly mumbled four-letter words which only after a while we recognise as actually being English.

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