this is an email that i’ve just sent out to my local council here in london and to related agencies in order to further clarify the situation of persecution and cultivation. i thought the general public deserves to know at the same time. hope you appreciate …


*** EDIT – Autumn 2023

this piece has also become part of my SYSTEMICS II book. below is now a fine edit of the original piece. enjoy.


[ some addendum on the GREY ZONE paper, an open letter to my local government ]


A lot of people aren’t quite clear what this really means, ‘persecution’, or what cultivation in a secular setting (as it is for instance practiced with Falun Dafa) is all about. While much of this confusion is actually part of the entire cultivation process and considered also a major part of the cultivation environment that this place of the Three Realms is providing, it also has meant that throughout the dissemination of the Fa, everyone – from top to bottom, bottom to the top – has been taking their true position amidst a framework of delusion.

As things have been progressing since 1999, most people have come to understand that Falun Gong is persecuted in China and a lot of them have been inclined to think that it’s simply a situation of a repressive government being scared of its political stronghold over a sheepishly led populace. That this persecution is performed with the most sinister and evil atrocities hitherto known to man is less well known. It is utilizing thousands of years of practice in psycholgical, social, physical and cultural oppression and coercion while new technology enhances reach, scope and depth by a thousandfold. If it is indeed known, then most of the time it’s simply ignored for its uncomfortable darkness and for the sake of practical benefits that lie right in front of unfettered Western (even some Eastern) day-to-day lives.

Some people might’ve heard about practitioners’ particularly healthy organs being removed while the victims are still alive (in order to ‘donate’ them to sick members of their sick party or trade them to fortune-paying recipients worldwide), not many are aware that the persecution of the Great Law of Heaven is actually happening all across the world – through lies and slander and a large-scale suppression of publicly available information. Yes, that’s right. It involves enormous issues. While cheap steel from China is great to bolster the lucrative bubble of a property frenzy and high-margined sneakers or micro-chipped gadgets perfect to keep Western people’s lifestyles ‘happy’, not many know that the persecution has resulted in the methodical torture and a death toll of many thousands – if not millions – of Buddha Law cultivating Jesuses, Lao Tzus, Saint Marys, Avalokitesvaras and Shakyamunys.

Throughout the modern world, while quite a few people sense that sticking their heads out for Truth might easily result in losing it, only very few know that in reality hundreds of millions have been killed worldwide since the last century or so, to uphold the grand Deception and Lie of what the world – Reality – is supposed to mean for us. What history is like. What the united world’s ministry of truth deems disinformation. What is allowed and legal to think and feel. What the only official great leap forward must be.

In other words, while on the surface things seem to have been progressing and moving forward into a sophisticated, technologically advanced and culturally diverse, civilized worldwide bee-hive transhumanist community of peaceful cohabitation – seen from a higher level, countless entries in the infernal ledger of eternal damnation have been happening meanwhile behind the scenes. Didn’t Jesus and Yahweh talk about what would happen to those persecuting prophets and saints? Doesn’t true power always work covertly and use deception and lies to hide, abuse and manipulate?

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