***UPDATE – a slightly more polished and beautifully typeset version is part of the MORE LOVE book.

(made available to read online for free once-in-a-while or generally with a donation based password.)

[ a short story or two fairy-tales colliding ]


All this waiting ceremony isn’t too nice, after all, but she’s never been more determined with anything, so she endures this part of the selection process to the fullest extent. It is anyway somewhat being glossed over by the persistence of the tickling goose-bumps that the Princess can’t help herself having during those last minutes before her life is in all likelihood being entirely altered. Looking around the room, she’s finding its considerate simplicity very endearing, indeed. Her floor-length plain linen gown, with only spare bits of crafty embroidery around the chest, seems to have been a choice made in a fit of real clairvoyance. She’s got to smile. There’s no one else in the room but her very own self, ever since the servant letting her in has left with a bow. Very considerate of the King not to contaminate the integrity of her being through the unsettling presence of other contestants.

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