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It was Jordan Maxwell who said that while he talked about religion, because the people who believe in it become so emotionally entrenched that it becomes very hard for anyone who doesn’t believe in it to say anything about it. He needed to say that because his work, very early on, would let people know the truth that religions have been set in place by human factors, not divine ones. No god has ever written anything down here. At least in the past, this has never been allowed to happen.

Any historical evidence points to the fact that hardly any of the Biblical events truly happened and that scriptures have been compiled by scribes who did indeed discern a Law for themselves, and they did indeed feel that it was the Law of Heaven that they’d pass on and are honoured of formulating. These scribes or high-priests, (brahmans, masons …), or ‘emissaries of the divine’, were themselves aiming to transcend the human condition and eventually leave this secular place of suffering and delusion. They were primarily passing-on knowledge from times immemorial orally, to chosen adepts, (disciples, students …) who then became initiates into the esoteric / secret mysteries. They crafted their manuscripts in narrative code, mostly using easy-to-grasp story lines, in order to

1. avoid persecution or castigation if the writings were ever captured by ignorant brutes or the hopelessly profane, because, taken literally, these texts were hiding the inner and higher meanings and merely telling folk tales

2. allow those who in earnest study those texts, to continuously elevate themselves according to their attained level of wisdom, since the compiling of the texts was done in such a skilled way that it had different meanings on different levels and new truths contained therein would continuously reveal themselves to the sincere student as they kept reading and improving.

while 3. due to the nature of using encoded stories, those fountains of knowledge embedded therein weren’t prone to be watered down with falsehoods while being passed down over many generations. Alteration of the fundamentals they were conveying would’ve been catastrophic since any discernment of the Law required the universal truths embedded in the texts to remain forever pure and untouchable.

The 3. reason appears to have been the main incentive for cultivators like the Essenes sect and other early Christians, to compile a whole new set of scriptures that laid down the Law in a more ‘modern’, ‘pure’ and ‘unspoilt’ manner. It was obviously felt strongly that the accumulated volume of an over 2000 year old Hebrew Law had become too cluttered, complex and impure to allow future cultivators to attain completion, or perhaps to even cultivate at all with them. They also clearly had a take on the political-territorial bias that got infused into some of the stories. Thus, the Canon of Jesus, the Christ was born, a canon that was so well-written and awe-inspiring that many future generations of millions upon millions of people – as well as the entire culture of the West – were to take it as a source book and as their guideline to cultivate or elevate and morally better themselves.

Now, there was a dividing line between the inside knowledge of the Law (the esoteric or mystic view of reality) and between the official and publicly imparted knowledge of the Law (the exoteric or dogmatic, the guided perception of reality). Those who don’t take the tell-tales in the Scriptures to be literal accounts of worldly events, but regard them as nuggets of encoded spiritual information that had the power to guide them to higher realms of reality and allow them eventual entrance into the gates of heaven through Consummation or Spiritual Perfection … those folks were called the Gnostics (Seekers of Gnosis / Truth). All brotherhoods and masonic lodges, as long as they discern goodness or compassion in their Law, can be regarded as that, really. Seekers of Gnosis. And if their level of knowledge penetrated even deeper into the past and the ultimate truth about the human body – into talk about everlasting life, elixir, alchemy, yin yang duality, supernatural and divine powers, the third eye, pineal gland, etc, then they’d formulate the core of knowledge around that particular canon and they were the true higher-level cultivators of old and of today. For the most part, they don’t partake in or reveal themselves in the world that we, on a day-to-day level, are a part of. They’d usually cultivate in recluse and do it with utmost sincerity.

If, on the other hand, the texts were imparted and compiled for the general public, only the literal meaning was meant to be seen in them. During hard-core inquisition this was even law-enforced through death and torture. Any hidden meanings were only to be discerned on your own, at most. Early Christians strongly advised to read their texts not at all literally. While the political powers of the official church silenced and excommunicated those original voices and brainwashed the masses to do exactly just that.

In other words – the public, official imparting of an edited, compiled Heaven’s Law was what we today regard as ‘religion’. It makes sense for me to see this phenomenon not in a sinister or cynical but in an upright, dialectic way, since both good and evil co-exist here and there’s obviously always the matter of an individual’s own choice, also known as our Free Will. Religion, therefore, doesn’t ‘save’ any one person, nor by itself will tell you any of the real truths. Or by itself, by strictly following some of its rituals, will let you transcend to any higher realms. It’ll primarily serve the purpose to keep the sheep in a more or less virtuous state and to allow anyone with higher morals and character to become ennobled and possibly ‘holy’.

Any upright religion teaches people to be Good as opposed to be Bad. And the stories that make up their canon are written in such a way that people from all walks of life will have a fair chance to understand what exactly does it mean to be either good or bad, and which path they’d need to take, in order for them to become better and better.

There’s a quick-fix for those who simply can’t believe what myself and others have been saying about the human construct of religion, and her name is Acharya S. The book The Christ Conspiracy – the Greatest Story ever Sold does not only dismantle any claims of Christianity that their god or saviour ever existed, but she does that even for most of the Jewish claims that they’d be following divinely imparted Laws and precepts. Her tongue is so piercing that it cuts like a blade and her claims so well-founded and backed-up that they do seem impossible to dismiss. In short, it’s extremely unlikely that any of the Biblical stories – King David, Solomon, Moses, Joseph, St. Mary, etc, up to Jesus and the 12 Apostles ever happened, nor that any of those characters ever existed. They’re merely inventions and they’ve been created with a certain system and purpose and have an extraordinary mountain range of knowledge behind them. And like it or not – that’s the reality of it and one must be a fool to not be able to see it. There really aren’t any feelings to be hurt here, or at least not any real ones.

One thing to note, though. There’ve been many religions inspiring and guiding man. While we’ve merely looked into the main Western ones, we don’t find it too difficult to deduct the same for all the other religions as well. Could it be that also Buddha Shakyamuni never existed? We’d say, there’s also a chance that he never did. What’s certain, though, is that Mithras, Thoth, Isis, Semiramis, Krishna, Quetzalcoatl, Zeus, Persephone, etc, more or less tell the same stories, only the names of the characters have changed and maybe some of the settings and details. The story of Christ, like the story of Noah and the story of Adam and Eve, is something that can be found almost verbatim in almost any culture on earth.

And for those who think that they’ve known this all along and therefore always shied away from religion anyway: what man believes to be true is always tied to a certain belief system. And modern empirical science, while it claims to be not a religion, is certainly nothing other than that. In fact, it’s the most successful of all religions, insofar as people believe their views are ‘provable’ and based on and supported by all of their surrounding physical reality. It is not so.

All of your reality will inevitably be shaped according to your original perceptions. Once, for instance, the world is viewed as a set of random occurrences and measured accordingly, resulting evidence will begin to support this. Whereas a view that everything around us is created and follows a higher law will eventually manifest the evidence that that’s the way how things really are. Only those who’re given a set of laws and guidelines of perception that hold true universally, over long stretches of time and over a large range of levels and dimensions, will have a chance to re-adjust their views and perceptions accordingly and will gain a truer and more accurate picture of the universe and the tangible reality around them. This is what Gnostics are doing. And it’s simply called, since times immemorial, Cultivation. Only true Cultivation is therefore a Science in a true sense.

Which brings us to today’s entries.

I’ve been doing this Muhammad cartoon a few years back after the powers-at-large had orchestrated an outcry against Muslim bigotry. Muhameddan believers apparently got upset because some secular French or Dutch cartoonist depicted their holy prophet in an ‘unfitting’ manner. A whole army of liberal cartoonists then went to work and publicly attacked this bigotry. But their take, without exception, always centred on taking the piss about religious fanatism in general. Not one of them questioned the underlying flaw of any belief system. Or the fanatism that comes from the blind belief in science, for instance.

Now, I’ve been saying on many occasions that the most effective way to control a large group of people is to hook into people’s beliefs on the one hand (Neptune, astrologically speaking) and people’s intimacy on the other (Pluto, astrologicaly speaking). The first hook establishes the official line that everybody adheres to, as long as he deems himself an integral part of such society, functioning and accepted. He or she writes reams of PhD papers on and holds endless discussions within these frameworks of beliefs. They get married through not diverging from this line and establish business contacts primarily with shared believers. The whole society, under such supreme and sublime control, is tightly knit while easily malleable through the incessant backdrop of a narrative-enforcing cultural discourse and the news media.

The belief-system-issuing agency meanwhile needs to operate behind-the-scenes and shrouded in secrecy to be effectively upholding the grand scheme. As they do so and time goes by, they’ll be increasingly harder to detect as the generations of perception-managed sheep rely more-and-more on the Truman Show Pseudo-Reality around them to give their lives meaning and purpose. Our Secret Services call this entire procedure ‘Perception Management’. It had been tested and brought to perfection by experimental societies like the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, German Democratic Republic and most recently China before it was rolled-out in its most lulling, indulging variant into the West.

Psychology has been researching these mechanisms to perfection (group-coherence through shared belief-canons), until about the 60’s, 70’s, upon which the public realm, of course, had to be left in the dark about it. The bottom line is that Conditioning works, and it works perfectly at that. Since our intimacy is the most secret and most ‘embarrassing’ of our human traits, hooking into it allows to control social interaction and game-play in the most sinister way. No-one will ever know … what you touch, when and how. And most importantly, why you do it. And how that makes you feel.

Let’s be honest. In todays farcical consumerist culture – who’d not lie to you? Who’d still dare to honestly tell you the truth? Even if they did, would you believe them? No, you wouldn’t. All of it has become a ‘one-voice-system’. This our so-called ‘culture’ has been crafted so efficiently as to use any possible weakness of your character, any possible transgression or omission of the Law, so that it can bring you down forever and completely. It’s futile for me to talk about it other than a mere mention. Look it up yourself and dig your head in. It’s not entirely secret, although of course, deeply buried in thousands times over clownesque charades and bloated stupidities. Truth can’t just be given to you. It’s got to be earnestly discerned. This appears to be an universal law and there doesn’t seem to be a way around it. Why? Because if it’s not you who sees the truth, who’s able to distinguish the pearls from the fish-eyes, then who would it be who chooses his future? Would it still be a matter of free will? So that seems to be the issue.

Coming back to the cartoon. The original cartoon got the attention of the New Yorker, who I’d sent it as an ‘intellectual rescue mission’. They presumably liked many facets of the original ideas, like Jesus with hair-loss talking to a fat meditating Buddha while holding a joint. Abraham / Moses looking himself into the mirror while being protected from the sun by a logo-studded umbrella. Or Krishna unsuccessfully impressing the Model-type nude girls by playing the flute with a huge hard-on. They probably even acknowledged the fact that I particularly chose not to give any imagery of the original founder of Islam, but merely hinted at his well-being and segregated state of bliss with a yacht, happy dolphins and a bunch of beautiful and relaxed women chatting away.

Since, as we’ve learned, it’s not only Beliefs but also Intimacy that define people’s bearing and take on life, (both of them give them their Ultimate Purpose – “We give people a purpose” – Mao Tse Tung), I also wanted to share with you another piece of imagery that I’ve been working on for quite a while and use it to explain some more things about our present culture and about the way how we’ve been led astray when it comes to see and hear things. I call this image Alchemy and show this in the tradition of other odd / awkward imagery that had been produced by artists who happened to be initiates to the Mysteries over the ages.

Those who don’t know anything about internal alchemy or inner secrets of the body will see this image purely literally. “Huh Huh – a man is holding a naked woman by her hair while sticking two fingers into her mouth and while she’s pissing herself”. That’s their level of wisdom. And in the face of the present pest of all-around pornography and what kids are exposed to until they have their first tattoo and major sexual fuck-up, I’m happy to serve the purpose of adding a contribution to these matters and giving people something to laugh and to talk about.

Others will use their conditioned notions like feminism, installed into the public mind by Rockefeller and comrades after long and systematic preparations through Victorian suffrogates and hyped female intellectual voices, to get their ‘feelings’ hurt. While still others will have their chauvinist pre-conceptions triggered.

One typical ad that we were running for draft Magazine (love, life, culture, reality – a free literary magazine) –>

All of them are wrong, you see. What this picture describes is simply the alchemical process of merging Fire and Water, Sulphur and Mercury, The Red Lion and the White Eagle, a process that’s been talked about in secrecy over millennia and that had to be discerned by adepts on their own through heavily enshrouded imagery and unbearable verbal concoctions. The bottom-line of such internal alchemy is that it simply uses the friction between the opposing Yin and Yang forces that are inherently present in every human body, whether male (Yang) or female (Yin), and the present image is encoding this process into a language that I think is appropriate for today’s culturally conditioned people. (There’s of course an added zest of tongue-in-cheek humour that can be found a lot in my work, provided your feelings aren’t getting hurt). Many living beings can be born with such process, as well as Elixir be formed, the Elixir of Immortality, whatever that means for today’s people and however much they might laugh about it.


A typical Alchemy riddle illustration on the left and the famous sculpture in the Vatican bearing the Greek inscription “Saviour of the World”.

So that’s Alchemy for you, then. Only fools like Newton, apparently, went down to the local drugstore in order to buy their vital ingredients. Others were more certainly insightful and managed to prolong their life, staying young longer, while maybe still others have indeed managed to accomplish the Great Work, and become an Immortal. Anyone seen the Count of Saint Germain lately?

But of course, like smoking Diviner’s Sage (Salvia Divinorum), or chewing Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscara) – all of which does indeed work – any of these methods are merely considered Folk traditions, or ‘small worldly paths’, among the the community of cultivators and their attainment levels can in no way be compared to those of the Great Ways of the Buddha and the Dao schools, the two main cultivation systems in the world.

And that’s it I think for me. I haven’t posted any major entry for a long time, mainly because I’m busy with doing other things (writing a book on money and learning to properly paint). And with whatever I do, I first have to clear up the meddling deities (higher levels of persecution) before I can get down to the tasks at hand.

The next draft issue is somewhat happening and I’m uploading a sneak cover preview for that on the website. There’ll be many things in there that you don’t easily have a chance of knowing. Masonic operations behind the last three Christian empires will be discussed, as well as Nasa deceptions and Eric Dubai’s Flat earth theory. Salt and Water will be revealed as one of Reality’s hot topics by talking about Peter Ferreras work. A rare 17th century Alchemical illustrations book will be featured. And a discussion about why Psychology can’t heal you and why and where it faces its limitations in the light of much much higher truths. Which will then tie into why most new-age adherents are nothing other than agents, meant to further deceive you. Tantra, yoga, mindfulness, pilates and all that. Give us a break. Even organic food and co-operatives are taking the piss on behalf of Z***, only you don’t know it and are led to believe that there are still powers who only have the best interests in mind for you, and who really want you to succeed. Succeed at what? That’s the important question and it’s called Pseudo Reality. Reality that’s not Reality but a conjured-up joke meant to destroy you. Not easy to swallow. But hey, why be so emotional?

[ Summer 2018 ]


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