so i’ve finally found my way into the domain of ebooks. took me a while, i guess, but it just happened as it happened. started to talk to a friend about working together on some mobile apps and on the way also got the hang of the potential to cirumvent the awkward power of distribution. amazon was then pulling me in all the way through their charming and visionary kindle author features. with one mouse-click and zero hassle (if you know how to operate on the most basic html code), they catapult you from the more-or-less futile (in its best way ‘symbolic’) effort to compete against the corporate gods by placing particles of ‘insignificant’ hardcopies into the lower shelves of the few truly independent book-outlets left in town – to be overnight visible in two of the major global markets at-once, the us and the uk. it all gave me a lot of hope for the otherwise bleak future of freedom-of-thought and freedom-of-speech. somehow i feel, that in this way, ‘knowledge’ could be saving itself onto a new (even paradisical ?) island which might as well be termed web 3.0 in the near future … ?

here we go then, with a new, more behind-the-scenes description of those two ‘mountains’ :)

SYSTEMICS is a neat collection of non-fiction. in fact, it contains all the work i’ve done in this field and in all likelihood all that i will ever do. why this is so, is explained through the peculiar time-reversed structure of the book. although the subject-matters are culture, society, beliefs and psychology (and while stylisically it is laid-out along the lines of humorous, polemic pop-journalism) the sub-context of the book is outright philosophical, based on aristotelian notions of common sense and bridging, over the vast, black pool of conspiracy, spirituality, psychology and human predicament, into eastern ideas of the dao. i guess, the more someone has already looked into the ‘truth’ about ‘us’ (which is, this time and age, possible for the first time, i’d say) the more ‘fun’ they will have reading despite all the seriousness …

the same is also true with LOVE ETC, only that it requires prior knowledge that has more specifically to do with psychology and the whole mystery of the battle-of-the-sexes in order to unfold its innate, often hysterical, humour. this book is purely fiction (which, as you meanwhile know, is indeed the main focus of my work) and contains six short-stories with a theatre-play at the core. though each piece is ambitiously crafted in terms of technique (an entirely different tone-of-voice and thus style carrying forward each narrative), the book itself is primarily an exercise in a perhaps more kafkaesque tradition, that is – to convey certain unspeakable ‘truths’ about our human nature through purpusefully customised fictional tales …


london, 30th march 2011
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